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Our History Château du Champ des Treilles
Our family venture is first of all a human project. The vineyard, which is modest in size, represents the life work for my grandparents, Italians who immigrated to France in the 1920’s making wine making their livelihood.  This land that we cherish so deeply provides us with what it knows best.  Some of the oldest vines have seen key moments of the twentieth century: the re-plantings after the Liberation of France, the terrible freezes of the 1950’s, the ploughings before the departure for the Algerian war, the animal labour abandonment, and the surrounding landscape changing into vineyards all around. But the vines probably still also remember the maternal care given to them by my family for generations. I, too, hope the vines remember my arrival in this world.  My first memories as a child are of playing with my brother on a blanket at the end of vine rows, followed by my first days of labour which were easy enough until the ultimate reward finally came and I was allowed to drive the tractor in the vineyards.  One day the bell toll of the nearby church announced a new day that a new generation of our family was to take over and lay its own blanket at the end of the vineyard rows…..