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The "Terroirs" Château du Champ des Treilles
The soils could be considered as chalky-clay.
But why should we class them in one or some groups?

We cannot see or hear the growth (terroir) -  we have to feel it!

For us, most important is not the composition of the soil but its expression in the wine.
Like people, each one has its own personality, its own sensibility. Some give wines that offer themselves easily.  Others need time to be understood. But when we have taken time to listen to them, they open up with a lot of sincerity and sensibility.
A soil is not constant in a parcel, it changes at each step. Little by little, it becomes different when we walk along a row. The grapes produced here are different compared to those produced there. We need much love and patience in order to detect the subtleties.
Sometimes several generations are necessary to understand ; with each grower transmitting his own interpretation of the growth (terroir).
At least, our soils are “in love”. Modern science tells that are full of clay. For us those soils, sticky after a rain, are a lesson of humility. We don’t decide the day where the tractor will be able to get into the parcel. Nature always keeps the upper hand. The grower has to adapt to what nature allows. Today it is too wet, tomorrow is perfect and after, it is too hard to plough the soil. No way to force those rules because we could destroy the subtle balance that makes the soil unique.