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2000-2001 Château du Champ des Treilles
When the first bottles sold, the favourable compliments we received showed us that the path we chose was a good one.  This allowed us to start upon realizing our dream: to plant parcels with 10,000 vines per hectare (4,000 vines per acre) for a larger and better expression of the “terroir”.  Specific of the “Grands Crus”, this growing system is by far the most expensive but the best concerning the root colonisation, the bunch distribution, and the vine exposition to the sun.  My work as Technical Manager of Château Pontet-Canet permitted us to evaluate the foreseen difficulties as well as benefits of such a sophisticated growing system. We did it.  Our parcels bore witness to our ideas, that is to say, a viticulture without any concession to easiness where only the results are important. To get it we had only our heart and our hands. With a wink to the Medoc we love so much, a parcel of Petit-Verdot grapes on a not deep, clay-chalky soil was planted.
The first repairs were made in the old buildings to adapt them, as much as possible, to a more efficient production facility because the house had become too crowded with the barrels and the pallets of bottles.
Even if the old concrete vats, broken with our hammers and carted off by our wheelbarrows, will forever stay firmly rooted in our bruised joints, the hard work gave us a better respect for the wine.
The wine range, partial at the beginning, now has two white wines and two red wines, one vat aged - the “Petit-Champ” and one barrel aged - the “Grand-Vin”.