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2002-2003 Château du Champ des Treilles
The « Haute Couture » direction we envisaged went a step further with the harvest by hand-picking in small boxes (cagettes). Beyond the obvious interest of manual harvest, we are proud to perpetuate the tradition, almost forgotten, of the crew of pickers and the traditional lunch at the end of the harvest, called “Gerbebaude” around our small city, Sainte-Foy-La-Grande.
The last touch, to give us more variety in our wine offerings, was to get “Muscadelle”. It is a white grape variety, looked at critically as it is very hard to grow, but that with love, will make wonderful wines. It was not a new planting but a re-grafting.
The tedious aspect of this operation has been erased by the tasting of the few magnificent berries present at the first autumn harvest.
Concerning the buildings, the big step has been made. After many months to prepare official documents, we had the privilege to get into debt until retirement (!!) in order to construct the buildings that allow us to make our wine in quality surroundings.
We have decided to honour the old local style. We are very proud of the results. Above all, wines have now place enough for a quality work, bottles are stored in optimum conditions, the materiel is protected and the fuel tank is no more a free service for ill-intentioned people !