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2004-2005 Château du Champ des Treilles
Despite the economic crisis reaching now all of the growing area, we maintained our intended path following our inspirations of the land and our heart.
Our respect of nature and the purest expression of the growth made us evolve in the way that progressively gained recognition to us in the last years: Biodynamic farming.
At home I have always seen decisions taken in the respect of planetary rhythms, according to an empirical and ancient culture. My Engineer studies taught me otherwise, to only trust in “modern science”, which strained relation with my family elders who did not believe modern science had all the answers.  My grand-parents are not here anymore, to tell them that their vision of agriculture, certainly physically strenuous but logical and respectful of life, was the good one.
We got back in touch with the past of listening to nature and the vine stocks. Ever since, we see our vineyard differently.  Each weed transmits to us a message from the soil by its presence or its absence.
Our viticulture has been reorganised to purify it from all useless gestures or actions, often coming from bad decisions such as green harvest or leaf thinning.
Disease protection is made with infusions of plants we pick up by ourselves in nature.
The wines too have this evolution to more truth.
In this approach we have found great serenity despite a harder implementation than our previous ways.
Our greatest satisfaction comes from our customers that are more and more numerous and now trust in our wines. It allows us to continue going forward.